Have Your Veggies & Pizza Too!

Summer Time Pizza Recipe What you need:  4 Chicken sausage, 1.25 cups Marina Sauce, 2 cups mozzarella cheese, 6 fresh roman tomatoes, 6 fresh mini peppers, pizza crust( Select one according to dietary preference). 1/4 cup of water. We will also need some seasoning for the sauce. You could also add some fresh basil and parsley. Step 1 – Cook your sausage. I had some … Continue reading Have Your Veggies & Pizza Too!

Celebrate the one’s you love!

For my wonderful husband’s 30th birthday I decided to shower him with love! I didn’t spend a ton of money or buy him a fancy gift. No this year its just about making him feel special!  The collage above clockwise shows the following: first,  birthday pancakes that I added food coloring to make them bright and playful.  Then I laid out 30 reasons why I … Continue reading Celebrate the one’s you love!

What is a homemaker worth?

Check this out. It’s an article from a site called, Investopedia.com. The life of a homemaker is one that includes an endless amount of demands and to-dos. Depending on the size of the home and family, the position of homemaker can go well beyond the usual nine to five. We examined some of the tasks that a homemaker might do to find out how much … Continue reading What is a homemaker worth?