Network Marketing for Moms.

Has anyone done network marketing? I want to hear your success/fail stories. Back in May I joined a company that one of my old church friends was having a lot of quick success with. I on the other hand have not! I love all the products we offer! I will hopefully be able to take them for the rest of my life but I just can’t seem to focus and follow through with the “steps for success.”  

Partially, I think it’s because I’m a creative person with and entrepreneurial spirit and I like having more control over my own business. As much as you want your direct sales comapny to be your own, you have an upline whose constantly “encouraging” to reach out to new people, post daily on your personal social media sites, and do trainings.

 Now you do have control over how much you’re involved in sharing and “working” the business but when you have dozens of team members posting everyday on fb like crazy it’s hard not to feel like a slacker who constantly feels guilty for not doing more. AM I THE ONLY ONE WITH THESE FEELING? Anyone have any great success stories that might help us failing moms with their network marketing skills?!! 


One thought on “Network Marketing for Moms.

  1. When I see people constantly pushing products on Facebook and pushing business… I unfollow lol. Just post when you have something you really want to post and you’ll retain friends and followers πŸ™‚ And if it’s stressing you out, leave it. That’s the last thing a mama needs- more stuff to keep up with! Lol

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