Me, The Wife.

Hi I’m Becca, my first love has been Jesus. I found and fell in love with fashion and makeup and the dream of having lots of babies when I was 11 years old and found my Knight in Shinning Armour when I was 23 and married him less then 3 months later:) Fast forward 6 years… I have 2 toddler girls, just relocated to Palm Beach, my husband and I are planting a church from scratch and everyday is an adventure! Let me know if there is anything I can pray for you about! wp-1460512760502.jpg


5 thoughts on “Me, The Wife.

  1. I feel a connection to you in that my hubby and I also met, dated, and married VERY quickly 🙂 You sound like you are on an incredible adventure, starting a church. So challenging, yet so rewarding. Good luck to you!!!!

    1. It’s a crazy story! I’ll have to put the whole story on here some time soon. We’re excited about where God has us!:) I’ll come check out your blog and see your story too.

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