What’s “In” for Spring – Day 2

So this layered stacked look was all over the runways! Like said on day 1, you have to find a way to take that “High Fashion” look and turn it into a practical everyday style that works with your own personal style and physical proportions.

Exhibit A


So here’s a few pictures from some runway shows and High Fashion Magazines. People might look at you a little strange if you wore one of these necklaces to the office, school, or grocery store:)

Exhibit B

layered necklace shot neck.jpg

(For Pictured Shop Stella & Dot)

This simple and delicate piece could pretty much be worn with anything and anywhere. This length and style is especially great for all my petite or busty ladies out there!

Exhibit C

long layered necklace

(For Pictured Shop Stella & Dot)

This long layered necklace is more suitable for my medium to tall ladies who aren’t too busty, as it takes away from the falling effect of the pieces.


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