What’s “In” For Spring – Day 1

So this week I am going to go through some spring styles that our trending right now in the fashion/Hollywood world. For moms who don’t know (or really don’t care to know) how most current styles come to be…  here’s a quick  sample timeline on how it all works.

  1. Fashion week in New York City (other countries have them too) is in February
  2. All the big wigs in fashion, every top stylist, celebrities, etc. attend to see what the top designers are releasing for the upcoming season.
  3. All those stylist, fashion editors, other designers, and celebrities go back to their lives and usually seek out a “street style”(a more wearable everyday version)  version of an outfit or style they loved.
  4. The fashion editors/directors of magazines and fashion editorials and such go and push all the styles they loved and it quickly travels to us through ads,fashion magazines, internet articles, celebs we follow on social media… and that’s the journey from there to us! There’s a lot missing in this nutshell of a timeline but that’s how I have interpreted the process;)

    Anything in Rose/Blush Tones

    blush inspiration

One of my most fave styles this spring are these girly blush or rose tones! They’re so delicate and feminine I could live in these colors!


MOM APPLICATION OF THIS STYLE: To keep this idea simple but accurate the best way to apply this while shopping is finding the right hue of pink that works well with your hair and completion. In this picture of above there is a sample of the color variations for someone who has fair skin and one that has a rich tone. Pink is your friend!

These pictures are from People StyleWatch Magazine, March 2016. I also found similar colors in the InStyle Magazine,  March 2016. They called these romantic colors…English Rose.  The name even sounds PRETTY!




5 thoughts on “What’s “In” For Spring – Day 1

  1. Really like this blush pink for spring. It compliments any complexion I bet. I am so grateful to have you following my blog and I look forward to reading many more of yours. It’s so much fun to jump around your site – you are very stylistic!!! (Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Blasted Wrodpress is sending all I’m following to my email and it’s getting sooooo full that sadly I’m missing important accounts) Blessings back my new friend,

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