What does it mean to be a Godly Mother…

I’m new to this, exactly three and a half months new today! My baby girls seems to be growing, changing, and learning something new. I want so much to raise her to be a Godly person, someone who has a servants heart and is Kingdom minded. I’m kinda obsessed with watch the Duggar’s and reading their books. I mean the have are raising 19 kids who all serve the lord, they loved spending time with their parents and even their siblings! I will admit that they kinda seem like a more extreme version of the way my brothers and I were raised. We had a strict up bringing, our parents held us to a higher standard than most and we too were raised to help those in need and spent most of our free time doing things as a family. “I want to have my children’s heart”, is something Michelle Duggar always says when she talks about how she disciplines, trains up, and talks to her kids. It’s not about being on a power trip – “I’m the parent, you’re the kid, shut up and do as I say.” That is not how you build a lasting relationship with your children. We have to learn each one of our children, learn how to speak to each one that is effective for them we have to learn how to discipline each one so they learn to be better, and we must be able to admit when we are wrong and ask for forgiveness. Yes, we must be able to ask for forgiveness so that we can be an example to our children for when they mess up. We should desire our children to openly ask and give forgiveness between one another and to us, their parents. It builds a home that is filled with love AND respect.

What are your are some of your hearts desires at to how you would like to raise your kids?


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