Oh to be a Godly Wife:)

There are times in my life where I feel like I am doing a good job being a wife. Lately however if feel that I’m not the wife I want to be. Bringing a baby into the mix has taken a lot more time and energy away from my husband than I was expecting. Nursing a newborn is like a full time job, especially my little girl who only wanted to nap if she was in someone’s arms – the moment you laid her down she was up!:/ she’s better now:) Sidenote- invest in a baby swing!hahah but seriously buy one! Ok so my husband and I were just kinda in survival mode for the first 6 weeks after I gave birth… it got better day by day but I’ve realized that I have to be intentional with my time and affections. If the baby is down for a nap there is a million things I could get done but if it’s after 5 and the hubby is home I need to spend a few moments snuggled up to him on the couch and refuel are little batteries of affection so we have enough to get us through til the next 20 min we have to rest and be near one another again. Whether it is when the baby is content laying in her swing or playing on the floor I need to spend those moments (even if it’s less than 5 min) letting my husband know I have not forgotten him, that I miss him, and that I am still here:)

As for praying for my husband I now wake up while my little one still sleeps and have my devo time, and pray for my little but precious family. I have a book called “How to Be a Praying Wife,” which held my prayer time feel more effective and my mind doesn’t get side tracked with the never ending “to-do” list running in my head. Lifting up our husbands in prayer is so important to their hearts, minds, faith and success in life. Nagging never works and prayer never fails;)

How can we be better Godly wives?


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